American HERO John McCain Just Ripped Trump AGAIN in a Brutal Russia Takedown


President Donald Trump recently and reluctantly agreed to sign the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.

John McCain

This bill is working against Vladimir Putin and Trump because of the numerous sanctions against North Korea, Russia and Iran. What this means is that Trump is powerless to reduce sanctions on Russia unilaterally.

Trump could have vetoed this bill but, it will surely backfire considering the bill’s bipartisan approval in both the House and Senate.

It took Trump five extra days to sign this bill.

Senator John McCain is excited about this bill and he wrote:

    “I welcome President Trump’s decision to sign legislation imposing new sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The enactment of this legislation, which enjoyed overwhelming bipartisan support in both houses of Congress, sends a strong message to friend and foe alike that the United States will hold nations accountable for aggressive and destabilizing behavior that threatens our national interests and those of our allies and partners.”

“The concerns expressed in the President’s signing statement are hardly surprising, though misplaced. The Framers of our Constitution made the Congress and the President coequal branches of government. This bill has already proven the wisdom of that choice.”

However, McCain didn’t end here- he took a shot at the president for his loyalty to Putin:

 “While the American people surely hope for better relations with Russia, what this legislation truly represents is their insistence that Vladimir Putin and his regime must pay a real price for attacking our democracy, violating human rights, occupying Crimea, and destabilizing Ukraine. On this critical issue of national security policy, it was the Congress that acted in the spirit of national unity to carry out the will of the American people. And that is why it is critical that the President comply with the letter and spirit of this legislation and fully implement all of its provisions. Going forward, I hope the President will be as vocal about Russia’s aggressive behavior as he was about his concerns with this legislation.”


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