Anderson Cooper Conducts Brutal Fact Check On Donald Trump’s Immigration Lies


CNN’s Anderson Cooper just tore into President Donald Trump for “making stuff up” during his address on immigration from the White House on Thursday.


“I mean, it could be funny if it was just some pundit on a Fox morning show making stuff up, but this is the president making stuff up,” said the “Anderson Cooper 360°” host.

Cooper mocked Trump’s claim about being “pretty good at estimating crowd size” with regards to guessing the number of people in the migrant caravan traveling through Mexico toward the U.S. border.

“Of all the claims for this president to make, do we really need to get into the whole crowd size thing with this president? I mean, do we?” Cooper asked. “Just google ‘Trump inauguration crowd size’ and let’s just leave it there.”

Cooper shot down Trump’s claims on asylum seekers’ missing court dates, his fearmongering about the caravan being “an invasion,” his suggestion that Middle-Eastern terrorists were amid the group, and his administration’s progress on the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Check out the clip here:



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