Andrea Mitchell Exposed Trump as Completely Uneducated About the World. He Just Failed Palin Test


At least, someone has blatantly told President Donald Trump without fear that he is ignorant of something, he quickly changes intelligent topics like a chameleon and becomes the king of the jungle in that topic. It was on Sunday, during the Meet the Press, that NBC’s Andrea Mitchell exposed Trump legs like an Easter Turkey as he dissected the truth about Trump, telling him that he is “completely uneducated about any part of the world,” and that “When he doesn’t know something, he just changes the subject, makes it all about himself.”
This incident happened when President Trump was running for the seat of the most powerful man on planet earth. The host of the TV program was Chuck Todd, who brought to our remembrance of an alarming editorial board interview that the Washington Post had with Trump. This was never what the American people wanted to see in their next president. The most annoying part of this Mr-Know-It –All can be found on the transcript of the New York Times’ telephone conversation with Trump about international policy. Trump was seen jumping like a wounded dog from one spot to another as he dished out ideas he was stealing from the way Republicans are known to talk loud.


Oh dear! He even failed the simple ‘Palin Test,’ a test that even a presidential candidate from a third world country in Africa can easily pass, if he or she can name any sources of books, information or articles that he had used or read to get himself fit and ready for days when he will be tested.
Huffington Post ended up identifying what it called a Trump Doctrine, a doctrine that talks about another president who only sees things or events in absolutes. Just like Ronald Reagan was defined as “peace through economic and military strength.” It was in 2008 when the Republicans had campaigned against when America was not the economic shambles but the year was 2016 when the military strength of the country was greatly feared.

When Trump started talking about China, North Korea, and Japan, he went as far as saying that America entered into an understanding only to protect Japan we were “a rich country with a strong military” and that “We’re not anymore. We have a military that’s severely depleted.” Too bad because he never knew that as of 2015, we had spent so much on defense whose budget is more than nine countries combined because we are proudly displaying the single largest military in the world.
There is no gainsaying that Trump is blind and illiterate to what is happening around the world and posed a disaster in the White House. The Washington Post took out time to dig into the utterances and interviews of Trump and came out with a “9 key points,” that has drawn a horror picture of what happens in Trump assumed the world.


So sad that Trump denied such picture but his policies have painted him as an isolationist, and this is dangerous in future when it comes to nuclear proliferation, as Russian taunts us in Eastern Europe since America has taken a step away from NATO. Little wonder, Mitchell had poked Trump in the face of being a dull student who doesn’t know his left or right in foreign policies.

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