Angela Merkel Just Declared War On Trump In Defiant And GLORIOUS Speech


President Donald Trump has been hit by Angela Merkel in a way he may never believe.

Angela Merkel 2

Next week’s G20 summit is going to be a show down for America and Germany, and also Putin will be meeting Trump the first time.

However, European leaders are gearing up for a unified retaliation to Trump’s treatment of America’s closest and oldest allies.

Angel Merkel, who is the host of the event has  organized the two-day meeting agenda.


Merkel also told the German Parliament members that she’s consulted with other European leaders, including the new Prime Minister of France, Emmanuel Macon, and climate change will be one of their key issues they will confront Trump with. “The European Union unconditionally stands by its agreement in Paris and will implement it,” said Merkel. “Since the U.S. decision to leave the Paris climate agreement, we are more determined than ever to make it a success.” Furthermore, she said that the accords were “irreversible and not negotiable,” as Trump thinks they are.


“We want to tackle this existential challenge,” added Merkel, “and we can’t and won’t wait until the last person on earth is convinced of the scientific basis for climate change.”


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