Ann Coulter Says: If the Military Shoots One ‘Illegal’ at Border, Then ‘Maybe They’ll Learn’


Ann Coulter is not a visitor when it comes to wildly provocative statements. However, her most recent assertion is perhaps one of her most cruel.

Ann Coulter

Frustrated about the lack of follow-through from President Donald Trump about building the wall, Ann Coulter has transitioned from one of Trump’s biggest champions to one of his loudest critics. In an interview from the Seattle Times, she explains to journalist Frank Bruni why she’s turned on the president so abruptly:

“What was great about [Trump] being a coarse vulgarian was that he didn’t care about the opinions of Manhattan sophisticates, so when they come to him and say, ‘Oh, no, you can’t say you want to build a wall, that’s such a gauche opinion, that’s held by the people in the outer boroughs.’ Anyone else would say, ‘Oh, no, I’m sorry, was anyone watching? Oh, I didn’t mean Mexicans are sending their rapists. I meant they’re sending their Nobel Prize winners. They’re sending their absolute best here. That’s what I meant.’ That’s what any other Republican would have done — instantly gone cowering. He never did that.”

“But something switched November 8. Suddenly it was: ‘Please like me, Goldman Sachs,’” she said.

There is one thing he promised every single day for 18 months. Don’t act like I’m the nut wanting a wall,” she insisted. “That was the chant at every rally. I didn’t make this up.”

While on Lars Larson’s radio show earlier this week, Coulter explained the one thing that she thinks might be an actual deterrent: shooting an immigrant while they’re trying to enter the United States.

“As Voltaire’s line in Candide is, ‘We hang one to encourage the others’ — if you shoot one to encourage the others, maybe they’ll learn,” Coulter asserted. “But otherwise, we’ll see, we’ll see.”




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