Anti-Trump Super PAC Makes Trump Look like A FOOL With a Brutal Video


Has President Donald Trump ever had self-doubt or been wrong about anything? He says things and strongly believes that he is right, even if facts are staring like demons in his face.  Perhaps he was the only presidential candidate, who has this ‘self-confidence,’ even when he is confronted with glaring flip-flops. Where some politicians would run from questions about why they swallowed their pride, Trump doesn’t give a care.  However, he ends up being the bloody fool with this brutal video from his opponents.

The internet doesn’t forget especially when you have been a black sheep of your party, Republican. This was the reason why conservative intellectuals rejected him when he began to ride as the Republican primary polls as not qualified, not thoughtful, and above all, they never considered him a conservative.


This gave an anti-Trump Super PAC founded by a Romney 2012 campaign staffer the leverage to deal with him. They woke up one morning and decided to make a video ad that exposed repeated videos of Trump expressing non-conservative views. A sin that shouldn’t be easily forgiven but he managed to escape the wrath of Democrats and become the president of America.

The goal of the Super PAC is, “Our Principles PAC has focused on conservative principles and ensuring that voters have the necessary information to make a wise decision on Election Day.”

The controversial ad detailed a list of liberal statements made by Trump, from supporting partial birth abortion to being against guns.  If Trump thought that this was the end of the controversial statements he had made in the past, videos where he praised Hillary Clinton and President Obama were released too.  Though none of these videos were made recently, but when you look at them all together, the shock will hold your bonds until the 2 ½ minute video finish playing.

An Anti- Trump with the name, Jordan A. Curtis said  “What’s mind boggling is the fact each and every Republican disrespected OUR Great President Obama when he was at the helm making this country respected again after the Republican Bush-Cheney era and stood in the way of making progress for 8 count em 8 years are now all of a sudden talking about we need to get behind this Class an Idiot and work together and get things moving! I for one am appalled at the unmitigated gall these scumbags have. They would rather have a dictatorship like the one Hitler put upon his country right here in the greatest country on the planet. They all need to be placed in front of the firing squad for their treasonous filthy ways. Trump is a loser and so are his deplorable followers. This Twilight Zone episode will be over shortly, and we will get back to normal under Democrats and Independents working together for a Better America.”

Does Trump give a care about these damning statements? He remains the coolest president in the blunders he has been committing. He says one word and turns around to give an entirely different view.  Like a snake, he wriggles out of one controversial talk only to be caught like laboratory mice in another.


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