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Barack Obama’s 21 Greatest Moments as AMERICA president


Former President Barack Obama effortlessly became the coolest president in the United States of America.



Eight years in the White House was an amazing moment for him because he had some of the greatest moments as a president.

The world fell in love with Obama’s infectious smile and soaring speeches, not forgetting his love for family during crisis.

We have listed some of the greatest moments of Obama as US President;

  1. Keynote speech, Democratic National Convention – 2004


Barack Obama woke us to the reality when he was given a primetime slot on the party’s biggest stage. The speech he gave became a starting point for millions of people around the world who are ready to dare risk.


  1. More Perfect Union speech – 2008

Obama’s campaign speech against Hillary Clinton was about race, known as the “More Perfect Union” speech.


  1. America’s first black president-elect – 2008

Obama became the first black man to be elected as an American president on November 4, 2008


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