Bill and Hillary Clinton looked loved-up at Harvey Weinstein’s estate


Bill and Hillary Clinton were loved-up in their attire at circus-themed wedding of their longtime donor’s son held at Harvey Weinstein’s $16million country estate.


The son of billionaire hedge fund manager Marc Lasry was married in a ceremony that was held on the grounds of Harvey Weinstein’s Connecticut estate.

Zach Lasry, 28, wed Arianna Lyons, 29, in a circus-themed ceremony complete with acrobats, taxidermist animals and one terrifying clown who hung lanterns off his eyelids.

Even more impressive than that feat was the guest list for the event, which included former president Bill Clinton and his former secretary of state wife Hillary Clinton, both of whom are close friends of the father-of-the-groom.

Lasry, who moved to the United States from Morocco at the age of 7, is not only one of the Clinton’s most generous supporters, but also employed Chelsea Clinton between 2006 and 2009 at his $12 billion hedge fund.

Weinstein has already sold all three of his properties in the area, including the two used for the wedding, which went for a combined price of $16 million.

Andrew Bentley, who purchased the two properties, already owns four other properties on the street.

The Lasry family owns three properties on the block, in addition to other residences in he town.

Their main home was bought from former shock jock Don Imus in 2005 for $14.5 million.

The cost of all these properties on the block is around $30 million, which is just a fraction of Lasry’s $1.7 billion wealth.

He made that money by starting his own imnvestment firm with his sister Sonia Gardener.

Lasry attended law school and was working on bankruptcy cases after graduation when he made the decision to open Amroc Investments in 1989 and Avenue Capital Group six years later in 1995.

At the start, the group was only managing $10 million, but two decades later the assets it managers are valued at $12 billion.

Guests at the wedding were asked to dress entirely in white, and were greeted with a menagerie of taxidermed animals when they entered the reception tent.

There were also an abundance of clocks in shrubbery and one very big, and very blue, wedding cake.

The entire ceremony was best described by Zachary Wright, a friend of the groom who despite his claims to the contrary managed to perfectly sum up the celebration.

‘I truly have no words to properly describe the time i has this week celebrating Zach and Arianna’s Circus of Love. I had the honor of being a groomsman and couldn’t have had more fun if i tried,’ wrote Wright on social media.

‘Too many stories and jokes and food and laughs and hugs and smiles and dances and and and and. To the parents and family of the bride and groom, i am humbled at your generosity and hospitality. To my old friends, you did even more to make this wonderful than i could’ve imagined. To my new friends, you always have a friend in me.’

He then closed out by stating: ‘And to the whole circus until we meet in the great big Tent in the sky, stay weird, stay beautiful, and don’t stay away too long.’



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