BREAKING: AARP’s Response to Trumpcare Hits TRUMP Where It Hurts the Most


If there is one way to beat President Donald Trump and Republicans, it is through his voters.


This is exactly what the AARP had done by going to the voters when they told these voters that their representatives voted so they can vote out these Republicans.

Unfortunately, when Republicans passed the Trumpcare, they ended up alienated the elderly. AARP Vice President Nancy LeaMond said:

“The AARP is deeply disappointed in today’s vote by the House to pass this deeply flawed health bill,” she said. “The bill will put an Age Tax on us, harming millions of American families with health insurance, forcing many to lose coverage or pay thousands of dollars more for health care.”

She added, “In addition, the bill now puts at risk the 25 million older adults with pre-existing conditions, such as cancer and diabetes, who would likely find health care unaffordable or unavailable to them.”


“We promised to hold members of Congress accountable for their vote on this bill,” LeaMond said. “True to our promise, AARP is now letting its 38 million members know how their elected representative voted on this health bill in The Bulletin, a print publication that goes out to all our members, as well as through emails, social media, and other communications.”

Do you stand with the AARP?


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