BREAKING: FBI Raid Takes Down GOP Money Operation, Trump is PANICKING!!


The FBI has finally responded to the speculations that the GOP must have some dirty money in their possessions, which must have helped Trump win the election.


The FBI raided a Republican fundraising and consultation office in Annapolis, Maryland. We are not surprised because the entire team of GOP is corrupt.

The local NBC news organization, WBAL, confirmed that the FBI carried out a search warrant at a GOP-run facility.

“Developing: FBI confirms agents are executing a search warrant at the office of GOP Fundraiser/Consulting firm in Annapolis,” WBAL investigative reporter Jayne Miller tweeted.

The agents have not released details of what went on at this time due to the ongoing nature of the investigation. However, we are aware that it was Washington that sent these agents and not the local FBI office.

This is a national investigation. “FBI investigation of GOP fundraising firm in Annapolis is run out of Washington, not a local case,” Miller said.  “Annapolis firm targeted by FBI touted for pioneering the use of technology in political campaigns. Represents GOP candidates nationwide,” Miller also tweeted.

Is this FBI raid connected to Russiagate?


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