BREAKING: George Takei Just Declared WAR On Trump as He Discriminates Against the LGBT Community


President Donald Trump may not have a quiet time again.

2014 Sundance Film Festival - George Takei Portraits

Trump has gotten himself loads of attacks from activists and, now, activist George Takei has warned Trump sternly over his intolerant policies. Takei has had enough of the president and wouldn’t ant him to steal the personal liberties from millions of Americans.

Trump recently signed a “religious liberty” executive order that discriminates against the LGBT community. The order allows businesses to deny services to LGBT couples.

Takei is an active proponent of LGBT rights, and  promised that if Trump follows through on this executive order, he and his followers will “bring a protest like he’s [Trump] has never seen.” That’s really saying something, given the huge crowds for both the Women’s March and the People’s Climate March.

The order has been signed, and we are waiting for this mega protest.

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