BUSTED: The People Working At Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Factory Verbally Abused, Called “Monkeys” And “Animals”


Guardian revealed has the horrific working conditions and policies in an Indonesia factory making Ivanka Trump’s products.


These workers are paid little and verbally abused.

A woman The Guardian calls Alia to protect her identity, who works at PT Buma, the factory, said that she only made $173 a month, the lowest minimum wage rate in Asiad, and “40% lower than in Chinese factories, another labour source for the Ivanka Trump brand.”

These workers are forced to do the work without payment when they work overtime. “The management is getting smarter: they tap out our ID cards at 4 pm so you can’t prove anything,” said Wildan, a 25-year-old male worker.

And in a move that would have Conservative Christians screaming “religious liberty” if it happened to them, PT Buma has a history of terminating employees right before Ramadan and then rehiring them a month later so that they don’t have to pay a “religious holiday bonus.” Last month, 290 people were fired ahead of Ramadan, according to Toto Sunarto, a leader of the SPSI union.

These are just some of the horrible ways the factory treats their workers. But, as Jim Keady, an American labor rights activists who worked in Indonesia, said:

“The buck stops with her. It’s her name that’s on the dress. Without her, there is no brand.”



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