Caught RED-HANDED: Trump Family Sneaks in Immigrants Illegally to Work on Their Farm


While millions of immigrants are worried about how to come into the United States of America, President Donald Trump is busy making more plans to stop them. Trump stands at the American gate to send home those without the proper ticket in while his family is busy doing the unspeakable.
Trump may have proposed a wall to keep immigrants away, banned countries from breathing in American air and harassing people at various American airports, but his family is busy taking advantage of illegal workers.
The president’s son, Eric Trump, is planning on hiring immigrants who would work at painfully low wage on the Trump Vineyard.
According to Buzzfeed: The Trump Vineyard Estates, LLC was also known as The Trump Winery, is asking to receive twenty-three (23) workers this spring that would help the family plant and also harvest grapes. These immigrants are being sought under the American Federal H-2 visa program. The program allows American employers to make use of immigrants under a temporary work visa. They are allowed to work as long as there is no American who wants the jobs. The Trump’s job on their 1, 3000 estate could run into the late month of October.
How do we explain it? Trump is busy telling us “Do as I say and not as I do.” What kind of advice is this? This hypocrisy must stop immediately.
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