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A Christmas wish for disconsolate Democrats



My one wish this Christmas season is that Democrats can find peace, move on — and finally accept the election results.

I wish they would understand that Republicans had to endure eight holiday seasons of a leftist president and we managed to survive and rebound even in the midst of a civil war within our own ranks.

After the rogue electors failed in their coup attempt to change the outcome in the Electoral College earlier this week, Democrats lost any hope of stopping Donald Trump from becoming our next president. Reality should be setting in, and Republicans can offer a model on how to cope.

Republicans can feel their pain, having lost two elections in a row themselves. Some establishment Republicans still are struggling to come to grips with the fact that Mr. Trump won the primary and beat the Clinton dynasty in the general election.

But the future is bright and hopeful. Economic confidence is at a 10-year high as President Obama leaves office. The Dow has reached an all-time high. Let’s hope this economic excitement will rub off on the Democrats. In this new political order, Mr. Trump is focused on his economic growth agenda where he can hope to find common ground with the Democrats. But will the Democrats be open to giving him a chance? My guess is that Mr. Trump will have no honeymoon and will have to be prepared to battle the mainstream media and the liberals from his very first day in office.

Normally, presidents pass on their wisdom and positive encouragement to the next commander in chief, but that’s not been the case with the Obamas. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama spoke about how painful the election was and how America will now feel hopeless. And despite Mr. Obama’s initial pledge to give Mr. Trump a chance and oversee a smooth transition, his words rang hollow when he proceeded to politicize the charges that Russia had hacked our election.

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