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Clinton Chairman Continues to Blame Russia for Loss



John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, refused to say on Sunday that the 2016 presidential election was free and fair, citing Russian hacks into his personal email account and the Democratic National Committee as evidence that the outcome was “distorted.”

It came during a surreal hour of television on NBC’s Meet the Press, where Podesta twice refused to answer questions from host Chuck Todd about whether the election was legitimate. Then, a few minutes after Podesta’s interview concluded, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates suggested that Podesta might have said just what the Russians wanted to hear: that the American electoral process is corrupt, and that the U.S. has no business telling other nations what it means to be a democracy. 

Gates said the Russians intended for the hacks to communicate that American elections are “corrupt, incompetent, rigged, whatever and therefore no more honest than anybody else’s in the world including theirs.”

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