CNN Exposes MASSIVE Bribe Trump Team Paid To Be in Government


No week ever ends without us hearing of another scandal that Trump has gotten himself in, the smell of impeachment is getting stronger, and CNN just uncovered one of its biggest story that most of those working for Trump bribed their way to the top

CNN was able to uncover this crime through the support of Information Act request. The details are damaging and have eroded the confidence the people had on Trump administration. None of them is Saint contrary to what we have been forced to believe.

A clan of corrupt men and women can only produce dirt and scandal. This report has clearly shown that over 6.5 million dollars was raised by Trump’s transition team and most of the fund came after he was elected. You may be wondering who donated this money.

The people who contributed this money are seated together with Trump in the White House. Money has been shown to be the driving force of Trump. He is all about money and doesn’t realize that merit is what Americans want.

WWE’s Linda McMahon and her family gave over $5,000 to win the heart of Trump and today, she is a team member, but she is not the only person who bought her position.

According to reports, about six million dollars were donated by Linda McMahon to Trump’s foundation and his super-PAC. Unqualified McMahon has found herself as the head of the Small Business Administration.

Betsy DeVos and her family gave the Republican Party more than 200 million dollars. DeVos is heading the Secretary of Education. Devos ended up exposing herself with her inability to perform well. She has committed a lot of blunders.  Her testimony was plagiarized during confirmation hearings.

Controversial Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is one man who has dined with ‘greed’ for money that he has business with the private prison system. We are not surprised because anything is possible with the Trump team.

It is disheartening to know that hundreds of those who gave during the campaign wanted favors that Trump must have given them, not minding that he was going to be roped into this current mess.

He has been disappointed by Flynn and Sessions. The list of these unqualified team members from Republican support club of Trump clearly show’s that America needs a miracle to survive these four years. We cannot wait for Trump to step away from the Capitol Hill.

Thanks to CNN for exposing this massive fraud in the government, we can make use of this information and fight the government. Trump has become a thorn in the flesh of everyone who wants to know the truth. He is fighting innocent people with his anti- immigration ban and stealing their health insurance coverage.

We expect CNN to do more in exposing the secrets of Trump. More men are falling because of their contacts with Russians. The interference of Russians in the American election is embarrassing, and culprits should be brought to book.








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