CNN’s Brianna Keilar Destroys Sarah Huckabee Sanders For Refusing To Condemn WH Aide’s McCain Remark


CNN’s Brianna Keller watched the most recent interaction between reporters and Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the White House press briefing room and said “Willful ignorance, I would say, is what we’ve just witnessed.



White House aide Kelly Sadler recently made a terrible and hateful comment that John McCain’s condemnation of CIA director nominee Gina Haspel was irrelevant because he is “dying anyway” leaked to the press.

Sanders refused to comment on the verified leak, enduring a flurry of questions from reporters.

“I can’t understand why — the staffer has admitted she did it, she called Meghan McCain to apologize, yes it was a leak, it was accurate — why the White House can’t say, look, we’ve spoken to her, we’ve told her we think this is inappropriate, this is not the way anyone in the White House should conduct themselves,” the network’s chief political analyst Gloria Borger said.

Keller pointed out that the real story behind Sadler’s comments is that the remark echoes a tone set by the commander in chief, Donald Trump.

“Doesn’t this just make the point, which in another breath Sarah Sanders is trying to reject, which is that a tone is set from the top, and when you have a president that denigrates the service record of a senator who was a POW, and he did that from the jump in his campaign, that it makes it really difficult to have respect at levels below the president?” asked Keller, somewhat rhetorically.

“The context in all of this is the president himself saying he wasn’t a war hero,” Borger said, ultimately agreeing. “This has continued from the president himself. The question is, do you consider this acceptable language in a White House, and shouldn’t this be condemned?”



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