CONFIRMED: President Donald TRUMP Personally Met With The Russian Ambassador Last Year


The debate whether President Donald Trump ever met with the Russians may be a thing of the past. Trump has always denied that he never met with any Russian to interfere with the election results last year.  But like every other Trump lies, the truth always shows up no matter how late since he took over from Barack Obama. He has been exposed for incriminating lies that we are unable to count again.

In fact, Trump did met with the Russians prior to the November election.  This report is coming for a story published by the Wall Street Journal, that confirmed that the president personally had a meeting with  the Russian ambassador. The date for the meeting was April 27, 2016 and this was prior to Trump’s speech on foreign policy. Trump had this meeting just before he mounted the stage for his policy talk.

“A few minutes before he made those remarks,” the WSJ article states, “Mr. Trump met at a VIP reception with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak. Mr. Trump warmly greeted Mr. Kislyak and three other foreign ambassadors who came to the reception.”

Kislyak was invited and sat in the first row during the speech that Trump gave. Trump had voice his earnest expectations in his speech to create a cordial relationship with Russian. The speech was a sweet melody to the ears of Russian officials who praised Trump for his desire.

Trump used the word ‘ruse’ when he dismissed the bad things we have heard of Russia. He said that before he spoke to President Vladimir Putin after he was elected and inaugurated that he had not called Russia in so many years.

Sarah Sanders, the bold spokesperson of Trump spoke on February 20 that there was no contact between the Russians and the Trump team. You can be see that Trump is the number five person on his team to have contacted the Russians, though all of them had denied having a meeting with the Russians. Michael Flynn was forced to resign after he was caught lying that he didn’t have a contact with officers from Russia.

With many questions begging for answers and swimming around Trump about interfering with the election, meeting with the Russians, one thing is certain; Trump met with the ambassador but decided to lie for almost a year.

The Trump administration reeks of guilty. They are not ashamed of themselves in the face of crucial facts that proved that such meeting took place. If these meetings are not shady, there is no need hiding them from the public.

We need a bipartisan investigation and special prosecutor that would bring Trump and his men to the ground. We have had enough of the game Trump is playing with the American people. He has a lot of ‘assumed’ projects that he promises to deliver. The year he is going to deliver is what we do not know and if he has forgotten, we are already counting days until he leaves the seat of power.



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