Couple Postpones WEDDING and Serves Three-Course Meals to Victims of Hurricane Harvey


A Texas couple, Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis postponed their wedding events due to Hurricane Harvey, and planned a welcome dinner for friends and family two days before the ceremony at Aishel House– a local organization that provides food and shelter to patients from hospitals which Skolkin’s mother helped to start.


They were to be married on September 3.  “We didn’t really realize how bad it was going to be,” Skolkin, 28, tells PEOPLE. “It wasn’t until the storm hit a few days in that we came to the conclusion that the wedding was going to need to be postponed, just based on the damage that the storm had done, and how much it had affected our community.”

The food for their wedding dinner came a week before the event and ended up using it to take care of victims of Harvey.

The couple distributed mashed potatoes, breaded chicken, bread rolls, and vegetables to those in need. “We knew the way to make ourselves feel better about the situation was to get out in the community and volunteer,” she says. “It was the first day that we were able to get out of our house and go out in the community. It felt amazing to get out there and do something productive for other people.”

They have left for  a previously-planned two-week honeymoon to Italy on September 5 and will get married this  December.

“Everyone in Houston has been inspirational for us,” Skolkin says.



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