Dan Rather Writes Americans FIGHTING TRUMP a Short Letter: IT IS CHILLING


There are things we read about President Donald Trump, and we wonder if it is the United States of America that these things are happening. In a Facebook post that has gone viral, Dan Rather has this chilling letter that everyone must read.
Rather wants us to ignore the fear-mongering strategies that Trump is making use of like the FDR. Rather wants us to be scared of nothing about Trump.
“As reports flow in of raids and roundups of immigrants in the name of public safety and law and order, let’s pause to talk about fear,” Rather wrote. “It is an effort that in my mind is so quintessentially un-American that it is destined to fail.”
Rather said that leadership decision that is solely based on fear among a group of people that are seized by fear might end a nation. This fact has been revealed since the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Trump is making use of lawlessness and terrorism to scare people. The president’s use of fear to advocate for immigrant policy has gone radical, which is the reason a lot of individuals are scared.
To be sure of what Rather is saying, many elected officials have grabbed position with the power of fear. The race has always been a preferred aim-but gender, religion. Country, origin, and sexuality have also been used.
For clarity, Americans need to address the status of real people with no legal standing. However, this cannot be handled with the unnecessary raids and sudden attacks that have been designed to instill fear in people.
Rather added that the history of America argues that those who founded America were not individuals who are scared. These men put their lives on the line while they worked for the freedom of the citizens. The American pioneers forged into a frontier that had no fearful people.
Neither were individuals who fought to ensure that we got our liberty on foreign battlefields or soldiers who had marched without prejudice for civil rights, facing bigotry and firehoses. It is true that many of these people were scared of their personal terror. However, their works made America what it has become today, a country that always conquers fear.
Every president that America has every gotten were people who relied on hope and played down fear until the arrival of Trump.
In the First Inaugural Address of Franklin Roosevelt, he famously said: “the only thing we have to fear fear itself.” But you will find that spirit echoed in the speeches of those who followed.” Trump understands the power of fear, and he has used it against the innocent people he is governing. Today, it looks as if the plan has worked, but we are not going to sit idle and watch Trump destroy all that we have labored to make our country.
Share this fact so that other people can read and stand up against fear. Enough of the fear-mongering activities that are about forcing us to look away from the reality.


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