David Walliams cheekily claims Simon Cowell’s son Eric needs PLASTIC SURGERY…


David Walliams and Simon Cowell’s relationship has been  famously playful that the duo sparred over whose child is better looking.


Walliams teased the Britain’s Got Talent head honcho during an appearance on Lorraine, by stating that the star’s four-year-old son Eric needs plastic surgery.

The star then stated: ‘Obviously I said mine and then said: “But you’re richer so you can pay for your son’s plastic surgery when he grows up”…

‘And then he started shouting over to his partner Lauren: “Lauren, Lauren, he says Eric needs plastic surgery”‘.

Clearly loving their playful relationship, he went on: ‘We’re like brothers, we love each other. He turned to me and said: “You’re only happy when I’m unhappy and I’m only happy when you’re unhappy”.’

Always close, when Lara and David announced their child’s arrival in 2013 he revealed he received a bouquet of white roses from Simon Cowell.

He tweeted a photo of the flowers with a handwritten note, reading: ‘Congratulations fro the two of you. Lots of love Simon.’

David tweeted: ‘Someone always has to show off and send the biggest bouquet. Thank you @SimonCowell x. So many beautiful messages saying congratulations. Thanks everyone… x.’

Shocker! David was speaking on Lorraine about the competitive nature between him and his boss, saying: ‘Simon Cowell is so competitive. He’s competitive about every single thing you can be competitive about’

They joked: ‘He could be Angus’ wee pal, I could bring him over for a date. I would have brought him in but he has hay fever, I thought he had an eye infection but no

A video of the two pups then popped up on the screen, leading to David saying: ‘So well behaved. He’s the best dog in the world, I would like to get another to keep him company’.



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