Don Jr. just tried to pick a fight with Michael Avenatti and it backfired in humiliating fashion


Little Donald Trump Jr. made a lame attempt at humor while retweeting a news story about the potential early dismissal from prison on “good behavior” of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Weiner, as you may remember, was sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting an underage girl.


(Apparently, you have to actually meet the girl in person and physically assault her to be eligible for a Supreme Court nomination, rather than prison.)

Michael Avenatti did not find Trump Jr.’s tweet humorous in the least, but he did find the irony in the idea that someone currently under multiple federal and state criminal investigations would be trying to ridicule an inmate, given the tax evasion, misuse of charitable funds, and those meetings with the Russians that Junior is being implicated in.


Let’s see if Junior has enough brainpower to at least try to come back with a decent retort to Avenatti, who has outclassed and outsmarted him every step of the way so far. Perhaps he’ll accept that MMA fight to benefit charity that Avenatti has challenged him to.



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