“Donald Trump Is Trying To Start A Civil War,” Former Clinton Labor Secretary Warns


Robert Reich, a former labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, believes that  President Donald Trump’s endgame is to spark a second civil war. On his website, Reich explained:


Trump’s goal has never been to promote guns or white supremacy or to fuel attacks on the press and the left. These may be means, but the goal has been to build and fortify his power. And keep him in power even if it’s found that he colluded with Russia to get power.

Trump and his consigliere Steve Bannon have been quietly encouraging a civil war between Trump’s base of support – mostly white and worried – and everyone who’s not.

It’s built on economic stresses and racial resentments. It’s fueled by paranoia. And it’s conveyed by Trump’s winks and nods haters, and his deafening silence in the face of their violence.

Reich also says that this civil war has already begun in the White House, “where Bannon and his protégés are doing battle with leveler heads,” like John Kelly. “Let’s hope the leveler heads win the civil war in the White House. Let’s pray the leveler heads in our society prevent the civil war Trump and Bannon want to instigate in America,” he concludes.

Reich also explains that Trump’s “many sides” argument when reacting to the violence in Charlottesville, Va last weekend is just a part of his scheme to spark this potential civil war. It might seem like a crazy idea, but at this point last year, a “President Donald Trump” was also a crazy idea.


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