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Emmanuel Macron Swerves Trump To Hug Angela Merkel Instead


President Donald Trump has gotten his own embarrassment.


A video footage has emerged that showed France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron dodging  Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels.

In the clip, Macron met a group of leaders on a red carpet but did make a beeline for Trump. Trump had his hands outstretched expecting a warm welcome but got a swerve instead.

Macron moved past him and embraced German Chancellor Angela Merkel instead.  He shook hands with other leaders before he met Trump

We are not sure if this is deliberate. The post is going viral:


Trump has been faced with awkward moments since he started his first international trip. He had ignored Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wave request, his wife Melania Trump had embarrassed him twice and Macron just gave him a swerve.


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