EXCLUSIVE: How Princess Charlotte Spent Her Third Birthday With New Baby Brother Prince Louis


The world was excited when Duchess Kate and Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, was treated like a queen  at Willcocks Nursery School in London on her third birthday May 2.


The Princess attends the school Monday through Thursday for half-day lessons. She was  surprised with a cake to share with her classmates. Back home at Kensington Palace by lunchtime, the sister of Prince George was met with another celebration, this time thrown by Mom and Dad.

“They like to make a fuss on the kids’ birthdays,” a royal confidant reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “There is always cake, her favorite dinner and a lot of presents.”

However, her greatest gift was the arrival of her younger brother Prince Louis. “Charlotte is really enjoying having a younger brother to play with,” the source explains of the newest heir, born April 23. “She’s taking her big sister duties very seriously. She won’t leave baby Louis’ side.”

After all, she takes after her older brother. George, 4, is “protective,” says the insider. “Charlotte is just like him. They have a great bond, and a similar connection is growing between Charlotte and Louis.”

Though the little princess — Will, 35, says she “loves dancing” — is “definitely a girly girl,” according to the source. And she has no problem holding court. “She’s very confident,” adds the insider. “She’s not afraid of a grazed knee and it’s not going to stop her from running around. She moves at the speed of light!”

Chasing after three has Will and Kate glowing. “They are soaking up every minute they can,” says the insider. “Their dream was always to have three kids.”



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