Female Student Refused $25million Agreement Trump is Paying for DEFRAUDING them


President Donald Trump survives a heartbreak as his postelection agreement that forced him to promise to pay $25 million to settle the fraud from his Trump University suffers hitch. A former student of the fraudulent university wants to opt out of this settlement, if this move is permitted, Trump would be thrown into jeopardy.

The attorney for this brave student, Sherri Simpson on Monday requested that a federal judge in San Diego should reject Trump’s settlement except former students are allowed to be excluded from this payment so they can deal with Trump personally.

This case has given Trump a cause to understand that he cannot commit a crime and go scot free in the country. He must pay for every wrong he has committed over the years.

If the presiding judge, Gonzalo Curiel, give in to the demands of Simpson, more people could come up with their punishment for Trump in the law court. Trump and his legal team thought the $25M could pay off the fraud easily. They are scared of distractions and trials because it would affect his government.

“If even one person could opt out of the settlement and force a trial, that might, in fact, crater the deal,” said Shaun Martin, a professor at the University of San Diego School of Law. “I’m sure Judge Curiel will be aware of that.”

It was in November that the agreement was reached to kill the numerous suits sucking Trump’s blood.

Students believed that they were defrauded out of the tuition fee through claims that were misleading and high-pressure sales strategies. There was a time that Trump was forced to ask Judge Curiel’s clarity and impartiality because of his Mexican blood.

Patrick Coughlin, a lawyer who is standing for the plaintiffs, insists that the settlement was terrific and the objections were politically motivated. The lawyer is worried that the objection may delay the case and the students are getting their money back after years or waiting.

Monday was the deadline for these aggrieved students to make their case known as they file claims that would help them join in the settlement deal, or they forget about it and oppose it, just like Simpson did.

The Trump lawyers are scared that things could get out of hands. Over 7,000 students are expected to get at least half of their money. Imagine what may happen if Trump defrauds the American people. The destruction cannot be quantified in monetary terms, the emotion, trauma, disappointment and most importantly the trust the people have in the government may be dashed.

Meanwhile, we can support these students in getting their monies back and also let them exercise their rights in suing Trump. We are not going to keep quiet until injustice from Trump to many people have been able to stay alive in this country.

Share this article until everyone gets it and challenge Trump in court. The sky is no longer lined with sliver because the wrong person is on the seat.


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