GOP Senate Candidate Says: Feminists Have ‘Snake-Filled Heads,’ Hopes His Daughters Don’t Become ‘She Devils’


Courtland Sykes, a GOP candidate running to take Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat in Missouri, wrote a statement that will hopefully destroy any chances he might have had at winning. In this statement, he called feminists “she-devils” and said that they have “snake-filled heads,” while saying that he expects his wife to have a home-cooked meal ready for him promptly at 6 PM every night.


“I want to come home to a home-cooked dinner at six every night, one that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have my daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives,” he wrote of his fiancée, Chanel Rion.

According to Sykes, “radical feminism” has a “crazed definition of womanhood.”

“They made it up to suit their own nasty, snake-filled heads,” he said. “Men and women are different and gender-bending word games by a goofy nest of drugstore academics aren’t going to change anything — except the fantasy life of those confused people in ivory towers.”

According to his campaign website, “Courtland left the military in 2011 to complete an ALB in Government from Harvard University where he studied Constitutional Law under the Assistant Dean of Harvard Law School,” which is certainly an “ivory tower” education.

For the daughters he is so confident that he will have one day, he wants them to build “home based enterprises” and that he doesn’t “want them [to]grow up into career obsessed banshees who [forgo]home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils,” he said.

On Hillary Clinton’s defeat, he wrote that radical feminists had been defeated.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Sykes said that he supports women and doesn’t think his statements were demeaning. “I clearly state that modern women can be anything they want,” he said. “No one is in a position to tell women what they can and can’t do,” he added despite that his statement literally said the opposite.

He went on to claim that his “snake-filled heads” and “feminist she devils” wasn’t an indictment of women with careers, and that some career-oriented women he counted as mentors.

“There are amazing women with amazing careers,” he said. “You take Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Huckabee Sanders. These women absolutely should be celebrated.”

He also “supports” Rion’s career as a conservative illustrator, and points out that she doesn’t make dinner for him every night. Right now, they live in different parts of the state.

“That was just a pushback, maybe a brash pushback,”  he said. “That was basically me saying we want to support traditional family values moving forward.”

Which, again, basically means that he doesn’t want women to have careers.

He clearly knows that he dug himself into a hole, and is now reaching up and begging someone to pull him out. But no one’s there to help. Most of them are laughing.

“I worry that ‘nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils who shriek from the top of a thousand tall buildings’ is going to be hard to fit on the front of a t-shirt,” journalist Jennifer Wright tweeted.

“Just to be clear: No relation. At all. Thank God,” wrote the conservative commentator Charlie Sykes.

“Good luck with that, you unutterable moron,” wrote New York Post columnist John Podhoretz.

“This dude is so clearly less interested in becoming a senator than he is in trying to get a job at Fox or some other conservative outlet,” wrote Craig Calcaterra, a baseball writer at NBC.

Either that, or he was looking for the fastest way to kill a senatorial campaign.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to report to my snake-filled she-devil editor now.



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