Gordon Klingenschmitt Claims: People Criticizing Trump Are Demon-Possessed And Causing ‘The End Of The World’


If you have ever criticized President Donald Trump, former Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt claims, you’re probably possessed by a demon.


It wasDuring an episode of “Pray in Jesus Name,” Klingenschmitt said the “demonic left” wants to remove President Trump from the White House so that we can bring about the Apocalypse.

Using the missing FBI text messages (which were found) and jokes about a “secret society” within the bureau, Klingenschmitt said the literal God-damned liberals would be locked up for treason.

“I think there is, perhaps, a growing wish and desire for a conspiracy by those inspired by the demonic left,” Klingenschmitt said, “to simply have a coup and overturn the results of the popular election where Donald Trump was elected, legally, president of the United State and some people are offended by that.”

“Why are they so offended? Why do they throw stones at our president?” he asked. “I think the real reason is that the demons inside of those who hate him don’t want religious freedom in this country, they don’t want pro-life in this country, they don’t want traditional values, they don’t want conservatism, they don’t want tax cuts, they want big government to rule your lives and they are deeply offended by, not the man, but by the principles that he holds.”

“That reminds me of how offended they were at Jesus,” Klingenschmitt added. “Didn’t Jesus say in Matthew 24, ‘Many will be offended and betray one another and hate one another. This is a sign of the End Times’? All of you easily offended out there are bringing about the end of the world.”

He then prayed for everyone who formed “a secret society to overthrow him with a government coup” to repent, “and if they will not repent, that they would be convicted, indicted, and put in jail for treason.”



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