Guess What The Official White House Photographer MUST DO Before She Photographs Trump?


The official White House photographer has been forced to move around with a stool to any event that President Donald Trump is attending if she must take a picture.


Shealah Craighead, a former staff photographer for President George W. Bush, was hired by Trump as chief White House photographer, and she has been asked to always come along with her stool to stand on for any official shoot.

Craighead may be petite, but the order caused stirs at Mar-a-Lago that Trump wants to be shot from an elevated position to appear taller and slimmer.

Trump who is image conscious must approve each picture she takes and has only released fifty pictures on the social media compared to the stunning pictures  Pete Souza took of Barack Obama.

According to

“So far, the White House official Flickr album has remained empty. Its Instagram account totals 33 photos, consisting mostly of bland, official photo ops taken in the Oval Office where Trump is in the company of visitors, or where he is speaking to an audience behind a podium. Most White House photos of the president are housed in an album called “The First 50 days” posted on the POTUS Facebook account, which amounts to 50 images. ”




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