Gunman In Colorado Mass Shooting Was Anti-Obama Iraq Vet Who Posted Alt-Right ‘Pepe’ Memes


The shooter in Colorado, Matthew Riehl,  who killed one Colorado deputy and injured several others, posted an angry video on Facebook, along with some Alt-Right memes. The video called for the firing of Sheriff Spurlock.

In the video, between rambling, he promised to run against Spurlock as a libertarian, and that we would “fire all these bums come early next year.”

As well, his Facebook page shows that he is a firm believer in the alt-right, as JJ MacNab points out:

His facebook page was taken down since the incident, but thanks to a CNN report, we know that he often posted threatening remarks. As they report:

According to a letter sent to faculty and staff in November, Riehl posted “rambling, nonsensical messages on his Facebook page” that specifically mentioned the school. Campus police and the Laramie Police Department were both alerted to the posts. The faculty was asked to alert authorities if Riehl was spotted on campus.



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