Harvard Psychiatrist: Trump Is A ‘Sociopath’ And ‘A Very Sick Individual’


Recently, Salon recently interviewed a Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. Lance Dodes who gave  President Donald Trump an unofficial personality assessment. The prognosis is not good.


Dodes serves as a supervising analyst at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. In other words, he isn’t just some quack that Salon dug up to make a political point. He’s a contributor to the upcoming book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.

Dodes is under the impression that Donald Trump is a sociopath, that he is a person who lies and cheats as a way of life. In the interview, the psychiatrist said that Trump’s narcissism “is particularly severe because he also is out of touch with reality whenever he becomes upset.”

“When he says, ‘I had the largest crowd at an inauguration in history,’ it does not matter that you can tell him that it is not true, he still insists on it,” he continued. “Well, that is very troublesome because what it means is that he needs to believe it. He is able to give up reality in exchange for his wished-for belief. Sometimes we call that a delusion.”

Moreover, Dodes goes on to say that he thinks Trump qualifies for “antisocial personality disorder,” but thinks the best diagnosis is a “malignant narcissist.” What’s a malignant narcissist? “It is expressed in his inability to empathize with others and his lack of genuine loyalty to anyone,” Dodes said. “You will notice that Trump wants everyone to be loyal to him, but he is loyal to nobody.”

The psychiatrist goes on to talk about the very real danger of having someone with Trump’s disposition in the White House, saying he could lead to the type of false flag operation that caused Germany to relinquish its parliamentary power to Adolf Hitler.

“The more desperate Trump becomes, the more he needs to have a crisis so the country will rally around him,” Dodes said. “If I had to pinpoint it, I would say he is going to start bombing North Korea. Unfortunately, the North Korean leader is just as sick as Trump.”



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