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Hillary Clinton Lost More Electoral College Votes Than Donald Trump Thanks To Bernie Bros



Bernie Bros strike again!

Anti-Donald Trump forces hoped the Electoral College would overturn the election results on Monday when electors met in their respective state capitals across the country. But as it turned out, more faithless electors actually defected from Hillary Clinton than the president-elect.

As of press time, seven Democratic electors attempted to vote for a candidate other than Clinton. Four — all from Washington State — were successful, while three others had their plans foiled.

Almost all the defections came from activists who supported the Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

It was an unexpected turn of events after anti-Trump Democrats placed their faith in the Electoral College in a last-ditch effort to see anyone other than Trump win the White House.

Anti-Trump forces needed to get 37 Republican electors to defect from Trump in order to deny him the 270 votes he needed for victory. Instead, two Republicans defected — one toward Ohio governor John Kasich and one to former Texas Rep. Ron Paul. And so the Never Trumpers went down in flames.

In Washington State — where Clinton defeated Trump by more than 15 pointsone elector voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American activist who protested against the Dakota Access Pipeline. That vote came from Robert Satiacum, a Sanders supporter who called Clinton a “clown,” “rat” and a “criminal,” in an October interview with Politico.

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