Hillary Clinton Says Trump Doesn’t Deserve To Win the Nobel PEACE Prize


It is no longer news that President Donald Trump has been nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.


Only four American presidents have received the prestigious international award, Theodore Roosevelt, while they were in office. President Jimmy Carter also received the prize after he left the White House.

People who supported Trump’s nomination point to progress with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They credit Trump with facilitating a warming of relations between North and South Korea.

However, it is not everyone who agrees with this nomination. Hillary Clinton is not excited about the nomination.

Clinton said, “I think the change in leadership in South Korea is significant. The new President [Moon Jae-In] came in with a very public view that he wanted to see if there could be a rapprochement – the dream of the South has always been reunification.”

She also pointed out that “There have been two meetings between him and Xi Jinping in the lead up to this summit in Singapore.”

Of the upcoming summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un, Clinton said:

“Look, if there is a positive outcome that can be verified, particularly with respect to the North Korean nuclear program that has built-in safeguards, so that it is sustainable, not a one-off announcement at a summit, I will join in the applause. Because that is something that will be good for the world if it can be brought about.”

Clinton is skeptical saying, “We know he can produce bombs because he’s tested them and if he’s mastered the, what’s it called, miniaturization so that the warhead can fit on the missile, he doesn’t have to do anymore,’ stated Clinton. So perhaps he’s exploring what else he might get.”



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