Hillary Just Humiliated Trump At Yale’s Graduation Ceremony…And Then She Got Serious


Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at Yale University’s graduation ceremony, where she issued a somber warning to graduates who were leaving and beginning a new life.


Clinton unveiled a prop she had brought for the occasion, to the delight of the audience when she made a reference to the Russian interference in the 2016 election that contributed to her stunning defeat and began the Special Counsel’s investigation that has dominated the news for the past year or so.

Clinton continued:

“We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy…There are certain things that are so essential they should transcend politics, Waging a war on the rule of law and a free press, de-legitimizing elections, perpetrating shameless corruption, and rejecting the idea that our leaders should be public servants undermines our national unity.”

She left the students with some heartfelt advice to carry with them into the future: “You will make mistakes in life. You will even fail. It happens to all of us, no matter how qualified or capable we are — take it from me.”

Watch her entire speech here:


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