Immigrant Doctor Arrested By ICE After Living In The U.S. For 40 Years


Lukasz R. Niec is a doctor who was just three years old when he was brought to America by his parents. He is a doctor living in Kalamazoo, Michigan for 40 years ago. But despite his education, profession, and the fact he himself has a family now, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested him on Saturday and might deport him back to his parent’s home country of Poland.


“In 1979, my parents were both doctors — [they]left Poland and took two suitcases and two small children … and they came here for a better life for their kids,” explained Niec’s sister, Iwona Niec-Villaire, in an interview on Saturday.

Iwona believes that he was arrested because of two misdemeanor convictions on Niec’s records, back from when her brother was in high school. In 2009, Niece pleaded guilty to a DWI, but the case was dismissed in a plea agreement.



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