International DISGRACE: The Netherlands Trolled Perfectly Trump With A Joke About His ‘America First’ Slogan


Things went a bit awkward for President Donald Trump  who has been pushing his “America First” rhetoric, as rest of the world is starting to push back. This incident was on full display during the 2018 Winter Olympics.


In the women’s 3,000-meter speed skating race, all three winners were Dutch women. After their impressive sweep, they made a banner just for Trump, reading “Sorry, Mr. President. The Netherlands FIRST…and 2nd…and 3rd!”

A Trump supporter on Twitter tried to troll them, the patriotic Dutchman made this clear.

This isn’t the first time the Netherlands has ridiculed Trump’s “America First” doctrine. After Trump’s inauguration,  Dutch comedian Arjen Lubach released a video suggesting that if America was first, maybe the Netherlands could be second.

The video was so popular that several other countries around the world made their own “America First, [us]Second?” videos.

And the Netherlands have the support of most Americans when it comes to their mockery.


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