Ivanka Trump Compares Her Family To The British Royal Family, ‘I Want My Princess Moment’


Ivanka Trump has always wanted the royal treatment. According to close sources, Ivanka wanted her father, President Donald Trump’s 2017 Inauguration to resemble the coronation of a royal family.


Ivanka reportedly told a friend that she wanted a “princess moment,” according to an excerpt from a new book by Vanity Fair writer Emily Jane Fox called Born Trump.

The excerpt from the new book details how Trump modeled his own children after his favorite role model: himself. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney (who was raided by the FBI and is now under federal investigation), said the President’s children were like mini-me robots. “They’re like mini-super-bots, mini-Voltrons,” Cohen said. “Collectively, they make the whole.”

Fox writes, “When Melania wavered over the idea of the customary parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after the swearing-in ceremony, citing security concerns, Ivanka dug in. ‘It’s happening,’ she told an organizer. She worked with a stylist and told friends that she wanted a ‘princess moment.’ ‘I told her it’s an inauguration, not a coronation,’ one friend recalled. ‘The sentiment was that Americans wanted a royal family.’”

The staff writer from Vanity Fair portrays the Trump children as “partial avatars” of their father’s cult of personality, calling Donald Jr. a “pit bull,” Ivanka a “showman addicted to the media game,” and Eric Trump as possessing an “arcane lust for real-estate marketing.” Ivanka’s mother, Fox points out, had her daughter’s name trademarked when she was just fifteen.


For good reason, the Trump children have remained steadfastly loyal to their father throughout his various campaign and presidential crises. For her part, Ivanka was incensed as the media continued to spill ink over Trump’s apparent mockery of a disabled reporter from The New York Times coupled with his comment about Megyn Kelly bleeding from “her wherever.”

Ivanka privately defended her father, telling friends that his wild gesticulations when mocking the reporter were a customary part of his rants, and that Trump’s statement about Kelly wasn’t a menstrual reference, seeing as he was famously a germaphobe.

What will happen to the Trump children when their father is no longer around to act as a professional umbrella? Former Trump associate Sam Nunberg isn’t concerned. “As I always say, if you underestimate Donald Trump,” he said, “you do so at your own peril.”

“The same is true for the kids.”



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