JFK’s Daughter Caroline Kennedy Poses Danger to Trump as She Made a Historical Career Announcement – We Can’t Wait


All of us knew what John.F. Kennedy did for us as an American President. Thanks to former President Barack Obama who remembered and appointed Caroline Kennedy an American Ambassador to Japan, not until President Donald Trump came to office. Only a few days in his position, he realized that she was a Democrat and sent Caroline packing and she returned to the States as an ordinary citizen.

Trump didn’t bother looking for someone to replace the position that Kennedy once held, neither did his team talked about who will replace her or when the vacant will be filled. People like Kennedy are not comfortable boxed to the world because she is out looking for her next career path.


Kennedy is already making big plans to run for the Senate in 2018 according to the New York Post; this is something a lot of Americans are looking forward to, as a Kennedy returns to the murky waters of the American politics again. This is not the great news but that the Post’s sources revealed that Kennedy does not only have an eye for the Senate but, she may go head to head with Trump as a presidential candidate in 2020. We just can’t wait.

“Caroline had a successful ambassadorial run in Japan and felt really very confident about putting her hat in the ring for a New York congressional or Senate seat, with even possibly bigger political objectives down the road.”

Kennedy has been seen as a perfect replacement for Hillary Clinton regarding experience and better when it comes to shying away from controversies.  “Caroline is seen in some quarters as the next Hillary Clinton. She has the Kennedy name but no Clinton baggage.” The lady is very clean inside and outside.

The Kennedy family is a staunch follower of Democrats and has earned the respect of Americans as politicians starting with John. F. Kennedy down to Caroline Kennedy. They are a rare breed of American politicians whose records speak for them. We have not been able to find such a family that religiously serves selfishly without having heavy loads of dirt judging them.

Kennedy coming out as a presidential candidate in 2020 makes a lot of sense. Time flies and the clock is already ticking for Trump as his four years narrows down.  Who wouldn’t want to clamor for a Kennedy to rule America and take away the mantle from Trump?

For three years, Kennedy served as Ambassador to Japan; she gave up the luxury life and the beautiful American lifestyle to live in Japan. She didn’t just lived in Japan but worked on burning issues like nuclear arms expansions and whaling.  She had previously worked for her uncle, Ted Kennedy’s cause “mission in life.”

There is this rumor that Senator Cory Booker is coming out in 2020 as a presidential candidate; most liberals who love these two politicians see it as a dream ticket. With our fingers crossed, rumors yet to be confirmed by these politicians, most of us cannot wait to see 2020 to end this Trump nightmare.



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