Joe Scarborough calls Obama a ‘Glorified State Senator,’ Not Fit For High Office


Barack Obama came to the White House and won the hearts of millions around the world. Yet, Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ said Obama was not ready for the high office.


“There are so many great things personally about Barack Obama, even though so many of his policies drive me crazy,” Scarborough stated. “But Barack Obama wasn’t ready, in my opinion, to be president. He was, as I said, a glorified state senator.”

“If Barack Obama stayed in the Senate for a term and actually learned the frustrations of Washington, he would have been a much better president, in my opinion,” Scarborough further noted.

Those comments were preceded by a conversation about Oprah Winfrey potentially pursuing a 2020 presidential run and whether such a campaign would be successful.

CNN reports that Oprah 2020 became a trending topic after Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards, during which she gave a powerful and politically-charged speech.




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