JUST IN: Obama Frustrates Trump By Safeguarding the SACRED Russian Docs, Trump Can’t Destroy Them Again


Now, you know that the Russian documents are safe from the hands of President Donald Trump. According to NBC News, some officials in the former president, Barack Obama have compiled a comprehensive list of classified documents that relates to the Russian interference in the last election.


The officials handed over the classified documents to the leading lawmakers before they handed over. The serial numbers of these documents were created in January and delivered directly to the senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, but the numbers were not classified, a former Obama official told NBC.

The official revealed that this precaution was taken¬† “to share it with those on the Hill who could lawfully see the documents” and make it “harder to bury” the documents.

The FBI has confirmed that there is an investigation on the Russia election meddling and a possible collusion between Russia and Trump aides.

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