Katrina Pierson Just Betrayed Trump, Evidence Found She Profits From Russian Linked Fake News Network


According to Truthexaminer:

A memo written for Robert Mueller, the Director of the FBI, has been made public and indicated that a vast fake news network founded by Clifford S. Tang began operations within days of former campaign chief Paul Manafort joining then-presidential candidate Trump’s campaign.


Definitive technological records were captured which made clear that, at present day, Katrina Pierson and Clifford Tang (owner of the Truth Feed fake news network) host their websites on the same server. That Pierson, a Trump 2016 and 2020 campaign spokesperson, is hosting her server alongside Tang can only lead one to speculate that they maintain a personal relationship.

New evidence presented below will substantiate that Katrina Pierson is directly profiting from Tang’s network of fake news pages, which were operated to deceive Trump supporters into believing factually untrue stories as a means to make money. For the readers, note that I, the publisher of Truth Examiner, am a Trump supporter. I have no affection for the mainstream media, however, I also have no warm feelings towards Clifford S. Tang, who made his money during the 2016 election not by spreading useful information that would inform voters of why Trump was the superior candidate, but by spreading things factually untrue about his opponent.

Tang is the owner of a series of pages, two of which are Truthfeed and USA Patriots For Donald Trump. In the screenshot below, you will see that these two pages — owned by Tang — are posting regularly from their Facebook pages and sending traffic to Katrina Pierson’s personal website. The subsequent two screenshots, both captured within the last 13 hours, will show you this. Subsequently, I will show you how Katrina makes money from these posts.

By sending traffic to Pierson’s website, she then monetizes this traffic through a series of ads. One of these advertisements is done through a company called RevContent — these are units which appear at the end of an article (such as this one), when you, a user, click on these advertisements. I, a site owner, make money. You can conclude from the below screenshot that the relationship between Tang and Pierson is not just personal but also financial.


After publishing the memo detailing the Manafort-Pierson-Tang fake news network, which we estimate now to be over 18 million fans, several sources have come forward to anonymously speak with both myself and my team on phone conversations, which were recorded on audio. Two such conversations took place, one of which included a third person on the call — a mainstream media journalist from a network both conservatives and liberals would agree is non-partisan.

These sources confirmed the same story to us, that TruthFeed (the fake news network) during the election was not only engaging in fake news but was engaging in a practice known as “cross posting” with a page which we also have two sources confirming was owned by one American citizen and one Russian citizen.

We now assert that the TruthFeed fake news network itself was likely financed by someone that Pierson or Manafort maintain a personal relationship with. It did definitively work with at least one other page on a regular basis, which was working with a Russian disinformation operative.

I, a Trump supporter, am calling for the immediate termination of Katrina Pierson by the president. I am also calling on the FBI and the Special Counsel to immediately bring in for questioning Katrina Pierson and Clifford S. Tang (among others) to further investigate what was an act of information war against the American public. If our president is an enemy of fake news, as he actively reminds us, then Pierson is a traitor to his cause.

We, conservatives and liberals, can maintain our disagreements and still agree on the common threads which hold us together, that our democracy is ours and ours alone. Law enforcement and mainstream media journalists, based on the memo, the sources who came forward and the evidence above, must move forward in investigating Pierson and Tang, as their actions constitute an act of hostility against our democracy.

I leave myself at the disposal of law enforcement, the media and any of those in power. I am available to speak to you, answer your questions and provide my records or my expertise any time of day or night.

Note: Katrina Pierson was Trump’s campaign spokesperson, she was moved outside of the White House to America First, where she worked alongside Manafort and Carter Page, former foreign-policy adviser to Donald Trump. She was recently promoted as Trump’s 2020 campaign spokesperson. She still maintains a daily relationship with Tang and his network.



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