Kellyanne Conway Demands Someone Prosecute Hillary Clinton


The Queen of Whataboutism, Kellyanne Conway in an interview with Fox News was quite clearly in front of a green screen, she wanted to know “what about Clinton?”


We know that she lied numerous times, we know that she BleachBitted and deleted over 33,000 emails, we know that a lot of America — a majority of Americans in all polling — say that she was neither honest nor trustworthy, it’s part of why she lost. And yet you do hear people constantly asking, when will she be held to account? I know she’s got a pretty bad fate of not living and working [in the White House]. But this is what frustrates people. And now this revelation that a decidedly, definitively anti-Trump FBI investigator was involved in the Hillary Clinton interviews — as the president says, it’s now starting to make a lot of sense. And of course, this is in the shadow of — this is in the context of never-ending investigations here, of — of the Trump transition, of the Trump campaign, you know, of possible collusion, which the president said, as recently as Saturday, simply does not exist. So it’s very frustrating to many, many law-abiding Americans who look up and see a double standard, always see special exceptions, for Hillary Clinton.

But, unlike the guilty plea of Michal Flynn, there is zero evidence that Clinton lied to the FBI or Congress. Or George Papadopoulos. And it’s hard to criticize the FBI for favoring Clinton when they just fired an agent for showing a bias for Clinton.

Conway’s job is to do nothing but distract people when it’s clear that Trump is crumbling behind the walls of the White House.


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