Kellyanne Conway Mocks Hillary Clinton for Not Making as Much Money as She Used To


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway loves mocking Hillary Clinton almost as much as President Donald Trump.. The two are seemingly unable to leave the 2016 election in the past, bringing it up at every chance.


On a recent episode of “Fox & Friends,” Conway was quick to point out that she didn’t know that they would be talking about Hillary, before launching into a tirade against the former Secretary of State.

Recently, after Clinton lamented that other failed candidates were not told to “go away” after the election like she was because they were men, Conway pushed back. Despite Clinton not being on the agenda, Conway quickly picked a recent speech of Clinton’s to attack, quoting it verbatim, though she claimed she was not expecting to be discussing the woman whose speech she had memorized.

“She’s wrong comparing herself to those candidates,” Conway said. “They were much more gracious about it.”

“The only conversation she’s having these days is about her and the 2016 election.”

Conway continued to slam Clinton saying: “this whole ‘oh woe is me, I’m a victim of sexism and misogynysm [sic]because of the election,” as well as criticize Clinton’s comments that women’s votes are influenced by their spouses.

Conway continued, “I also took note that it was publicly reported she got about $25,000 for that speech,” Conway said. “Woo! She used to get ten times that folks, ten times that. She was giving speeches before she lost her second presidential election.”



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