Kellyanne Conway Says That Melania Trump Is A ‘Superior’ First Lady To Michelle Obama


No matter much the First lady Melania Trump tries to stay away from the public, she will end up in the faces of everyone. Sometimes, she is clear from scandal before someone like Kellyanne Conway brings her up to face the scandal music.


Unlike Michelle Obama who wass always on magazine covers and doing a lot of public works, Melania is a little reluctant in her business with others. In a comment made to TMZ, counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway addressed the discrepancy. When asked if it was a double standard that Melania had not been on a front cover, while Michelle Obama had so many, Conway said: “Melania Trump is such a superior and excellent first lady. This country is so lucky to have her.”

She went on to list what she claims are the current first lady’s many accomplishments, including hurricane relief efforts, philanthropy and being a wonderful role model. She wrapped it up by saying, “I don’t think she needs to be on the cover of a magazine for everyone to see how wonderful her work is.”

Kellyanne Conway is following the Trump line, by using the word “superior” to describe how Melania is better than former first lady Michelle Obama, who happens to be the first black first lady in the nation’s history. She is propping up first lady Melania Trump by denigrating her predecessor.



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