Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Is at It Again with Tweet Suggesting President Trump Is in Legal Trouble


Recently, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway blew up at a CNN anchor Dana Bash for questioning her husband’s anti-Trump tweets, George Conway.


Well, Conway is at it again. This time he tweeted a link to Federal Election Commission Rules related to personal loans that say if anyone “gives or loans the candidate money ‘for the purpose of influencing any election for federal office,’ the funds are not considered personal funds of the candidate…”

“Instead, the gift or loan is considered a contribution from the donor to the campaign, subject to the per-election limit and reportable by the campaign.”

Contrary to Trump’s claim on Twitter that the money had “nothing to do with the campaign,” the payment was a campaign-related expense, Norm Eisen, former ethics chief for the President Obama White House, argues to PEOPLE.

Days before the election, Cohen paid the porn star who claims she had an sexual encounter with Trump — a payment she says was intended to keep her silent about the alleged 2006 affair. (Trump has denied the affair.)

Eisen argues that if Daniels hadn’t been silenced, she would have had an impact on the election.

The payment is likely an illegal loan to the campaign by Michael Cohen and its repayment an unreported — and unlawful — campaign expenditure by Trump, Eisen alleges.

Eisen and his group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington have filed a criminal and ethics complaint with the Justice Department and the Office of Government Ethics regarding the payment.

“You are not allowed to make a $130,000 in-kind contribution for the purpose of benefiting a campaign,” says Eisen.

George Conway’s tweet follows revelations by Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the money he paid to Daniels — contradicting Trump’s prior claims that he had no knowledge of the payment.

And by admitting these payments, the president has also admitted to filing a false financial disclosure form, since the liability was not listed, alleges Eisen.

“That is potentially a crime under 18 U.S.C. § 1001, making a false statement,” Eisen alleges. “It is probable cause he hid his debt on his federal financial filings and that is potentially a criminal violation.”


Here’s how social media users are reacting to George Conway’s latest tweet:

“Looking forward to your wife ranting at CNN for asking about this tweet,” said one tweeter.

Pollster Matt McDermott wrote, “In case you were uncertain, Kellyanne Conway’s husband would like you to know the exact campaign finance statute Trump and Cohen both violated. Thanks, George!”

And after CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted with a link to George Conway’s tweet: “This is the husband of the president’s close advisor @KellyannePolls sharing the campaign finance law he seems to believe Trump and Cohen might have broken,” one commenter replied: “Watch it Jim. You’re setting yourself up to get the Dana Bash treatment from KAC.”



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