Laura Ingraham humiliates herself at commercial break on Fox News show (WATCH)


Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show  has suffered a colossal loss after many advertisers left her show  when she mocked a Parkland shooting survivor. The conservative host made a remark  that was both unintentionally humiliating and exceedingly satisfying.


Ingraham’s show has lost approximately two dozen sponsors since Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s David Hogg called for a boycott against her after she attacked the 17-year-old over various college rejections. While speaking with a panel on tonight’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” where there normally would have been a commercial break, she instead says, “Fantastic segment but we got more though here. We’re going to go the whole show without a break!”

While Ingraham tried to play off the fact that she has effectively alienated almost every one of her sponsors by berating a mass shooting survivor as a good thing – “we’re going to go the whole show without a break!” – the unwittingly embarrassing moment was certainly rife with subtext.


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