Meghan McCain Absent from The View After John McCain’s Death: ‘Her Dad Was Her Best Friend’


Meghan McCain is taking a leave from The View after the burial of her father, Senator John McCain.


A new co-host Abby Huntsman made her debut and the panel took a moment to honor Meghan.

“Meghan is like a sister to me and this was the hardest thing she has ever been through,” said Fox & Friends Weekend alum Huntsman. “Her dad was her best friend, her dad was everything. I was so proud of her — it was like her dad had passed the torch to her. She was now speaking for the family.”

Huntsman also honored the late war hero, noting that his services represented “a commitment to service that I think we have such an aching for, right now, in this country.”

“He was willing to give his life for this country,” she said. “And that is a love for this country that very few people have.”

Of Meghan’s emotional tribute to her father at his funeral, Sunny Hostin remarked, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a group of people applaud at a eulogy.”

“It was just so moving to see our friend and our colleague rise to that occasion,” she said. “We all know she’s devastated by the passing of her father … but my God, she showed everyone how tough she is.”

Whoopi Goldberg, sadly, missed the services on Sunday due to technical difficulties on her flight.

“It was one of the biggest devastations,” she said. “John and I, as crazy as this sounds, we were friends. We’ve been friends since Meghan was little. The plane had some issues and it was going to take them two hours to fix it. I hate to fly but I was willing to fly because I needed to get there. So I’m so crazed that I missed it.”



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