Michael Moore: Fox News Helped Create Generation Of ‘Violent Conspiracy Theorists’


Michael Moore has revealed that Fox News is partly to blame for helping to create a generation of violent conspiracy theorists in America.


Moore’s criticism of the network came after an image of his face in crosshairs was found stickered on the van of suspect Cesar Sayoc, who is accused of mailing pipe bombs this week to leading Democrats, critics of President Donald Trump and CNN.

“Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Channel and right-wing radio have preyed upon those who’ve seen their American Dream go up in smoke,” Moore said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “And they have helped to create a generation of angry and violent conspiracy theorists who will believe any lie that is perpetrated on those airwaves.”

Moore lamented that the “new and dangerous dynamic of political violence” in the U.S. was “now promoted and encouraged” by Trump. He also called for people to “vote out of office all enablers of this man and the violent culture he instigates and nurtures.”

“There are millions and millions of us who will never be intimidated, who will never back down, and who will show up on Election Day,” he added.



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