Michelle Obama in 2020? A Bill Clinton pollster Says ‘Yes’


A former Bill Clinton pollster strongly believes that former First Lady, Michelle Obama is the Democratic party’s best chance for President — with no other contender even close.

Michelle Obama Visits DC High School To Discuss Importance Of Education

In a new op-ed for the Hill, Douglas Schoen makes the argument that Michelle is much more popular than Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom have begun national fundraising operations.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden is also busy, building a national email list.

Schoen makes it clear that he’s not endorsing Obama as he believes he’d disagree with many of the positions she’d advance.


“Otherwise,” he writes, “the party could well rip itself apart.”

It’s been a big week for Michelle Obama as she and former president Barack Obama were named to Vanity’s Fair’s best-dressed list.


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