Michelle Obama Reveals What It Was Like To Sleep Over At Buckingham Palace


Michelle Obama has finally revealed  what was like to her sleepover at Buckingham Palace, saying everybody just “wants to be treated normally”.


Michelle and husband, former US president Barack Obama stayed the night at the London palace after being hosted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth for a state visit.

The Obamas had a famously strong relationship with the British royals over the course of eight years and Michelle gave some insight into what happens behind the scenes, which was just like any other home behind closed doors.

“I think by the time we had the sleepover we had enough interacting with them. The surprising thing is folks wanted to be treated normally,” she told a MUSE event in New York.

“Everybody is happy when all the people are gone. They want to be hugged. They want to be touched. They gossip.”

When asked about which food she preferred, Obama took a diplomatic said she preferred meals at the White House, adding, “American food is just better.”

She spoke about particularly ornate rooms at the palace, which they were granted access to as an unofficial birthday gift to their daughter Sasha.

“Everything is gold. We had seen the gold room, there’s a room where they keep all the gold,” she said.



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